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Comics News! 12/18/06
Lots of news, so I hope you have 5 min of spare time to read this ;)

Black Coat: A call to Arms  TPB on the shelves on Wed. December 20th!  
For those who still don't know it, all four issues of The Black Coat: A Call to Arms, including the sold-out first issue, have been collected into a trade paperback and will be available in stores this Wed. December 20th. So, if any of you guys is still looking for a last minute Xmas gift (to himself or to a friend/relative), here's a cheap but classy choice :) 
The book features, along with the first 4 issues, a wonderful fully painted cover by Euan Mactavish over my inks, and some extra content (check this link for some previews ) in its 104 pages with a retail price of $12.95.

Also available for pre-orders is:
Left on Mission #1 (Mosher - Francavilla) - on the shelves in March 2007  
Since it is solicited on the new Previews, I think it's time to officially announce one of the project I have been (and will be) working on lately.
I will be posting some interior art soon, but for now here's the solicitation, the pre-order codes, and the 2 beautiful variant covers by European artist Steph Stamb. The mini is slated to be on the shelves in March. I will keep you updated as more info comes in.

(from Previews)

Left on Mission #1 (of 5)
written by Chip Mosher
Drawn by Francesco Francavilla
$3.99, 32 pp, full color
Boom! Studios
JAN073469 / JAN073470

A spy thriller in the vein of The Bourne Identity!
Former agent Eric Westfall has been called out of his perfect suburban retirement, complete with wife and kid, to recover an agent gone rogue.
He has to stop his target from auctioning a stolen hard-drive, chock full of classified info, on the black market for $50 million. His mission turn the target back into a loyal agent for the government, or kill them.
But things get complicated when it's revealed that Westfall has been called back to duty specifically because he has history with his target romantic history.
Will he be able to take down Emma, his ex-lover?
Left on Mission is a monthly series for fans of gritty, dark espionage thrillers like Casino Royale!

Sea of Red #13 on the shelves now!
This is the third and final book of the acclaimed Image series from Rick Remender I did the layouts for. It was a fun ride and I will certainly miss the fellowship of the blood, as I called the rich cast of this fantastic series. Hopefully, one day, some of those guys will be back ;)
In a story guaranteed to leave readers breathless, Blackthroat is captured and Marco is under the Sanguinan’s control, leaving little hope for the Black Galleon’s surviving crew. To all things comes an end – even for the immortal.
Story by Rick Remender & Kieron Dwyer, Art by Francesco Francavilla & Paul Harmon.


Also on the shelves you can find The Cross Bronx #4, Ivan Brandon's and Michael Avon Oeming's beautiful supernatural crime mini. Get all the issues, if you haven't already. This 4th book features a pinup I did for Ivan and Mike to tribute their terrific work.
I have been working lately also on a 35 pages GN for a Canadian publisher. I will give more details as soon I can.
I have another 2 or 3 of things cooking, including the second mini of The Black Coat, so 2007 is shaping to be a very busy year for me.
Stay Tuned!

My sincerest wishes of Happy Holidays to you all and your families and friends and may 2007 be a great year for everyone :)



Convention News! 10/12/06

For those who live nearby and are planning to go, I will be attending at the Greenville Comicon on October 28th in SC. I have been in SC for the FreeComicbookDay back in May, appearing at Planet Comics' in Anderson. In that occasion I got to know the beautiful people of SC and the comicbook legend Dave Cockrum. I met him again at Heroes (NC) and it seems I will have the pleasure to spend some more time with him and his lovely wife in Greenville. Looking forward to meet him again and meet some more fans.
See you there!

Comics News! 10/12/06

Black Coat: A call to Arms  TPB available for pre-orders NOW!
For those who still don't know it, all four issues of The Black Coat: A Call to Arms, including the sold-out first issue, are being collected into a trade paperback and will be available in stores in December 2006. To make sure to get your own copy, you can pre-order the book now at your local comicbookstore using the code
OCT06 3123 .
The book will be 104 pages with a retail price of $12.95 and feature some new extra content and a brand new wraparound cover: to see a step-by-step of the development of the cover, click here.

Also available for pre-orders is:
Fear Agent 11 (Remender - Francavilla)  
(from Previews)

An issue long "Tales of the Fear Agent" illustrated by legendary Italian illustrator FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA! A population of human flies pays Heath to protect them from a race of spiders slowly taking over their world. However, when Heath becomes impregnated with the spiders' eggs he becomes the planet's greatest threat.
32 PAGES FC NOVEMBER 22 $2.99 order code: SEP06 1815


No Dragon*Con 9/03/06
Let me apologize with those who went to the show and didn't find me. I had some minor injury at the feet followed by a a minor surgery this past Thursday so I wasn't able to attend the show on Friday and Saturday. Today I am feeling a bit better but I rather prefer to not push it since the wounds are still healing. Sorry guys, this whole incident wasn't planned at all. Hopefully I will be able to be there next year for the whole show :)

Next: The positive part is that being locked at the desk I have been producing lots of (hopefully) good stuff which I will be sharing soon, both on the sequential projects I am working on and the fun/personal projects.


Convention News! 8/19/06

My first time at SDCC was as I thought it would have been: just plain great! :) First of all, let me say that the town itself is one of the most beautiful US town I have been in 5 years, maybe because it reminded me a bit of my beloved Italy :) I and Lisa went there a couple of days earlier just to enjoy the place, and we loved it! The show itself was as grand as I was expecting: huge exposition floor, which was requiring a 30 min walk from side to side, longer when crowded with 100,000 and more visitors ;).The company was great: from our friend Senti who kindly offered us room at his booth, to my dear friend Steve Gordon, who I finally met after 2 years of working together in the distance. It was great to meet lot of Black Coat fans and friends from different Forums where I usually post my works. It was nice to meet other  artists like Dan Brereton and Bill
Sienkiewicz and chat again with legends like Jim Steranko and Mike Mignola (who wasn't that far from my table). Everything was great and it was possible thanks to the precious help of my lovely wife :) I am definitely thinking to go back next year ;)

Next: I am on the guest list for Dragon Con, the largest Sci-fi & Fantasy show in America, which will be held in Atlanta, GA from Sept 1st to Sept 4th (check link on the logo for more info and directions). I still don't know where I will be exactly located on the floor (probably artist alley) but keep an eye on this page for updates (hopefully soon). If you are planning to attend, feel free to stop by and say hi :)


SOLD OUT!!!   


Comics News! 8/19/06

Black Coat: A call to Arms #4
has hit the shelves last week, right after discovering we are officially sold out of issue 1! :) You may still find a few copies of #1 floating around in some store or online (speaking of which keep an eye on my store page ;)) but the first book can't be re-ordered anymore because there aren't anymore copies in stock. Thanks everyone for making this such a great journey.
Now that the series is complete, feel free to email me with your feedback: I always love to hear from you readers, since I pretty much work for you :)

Fear Agent #11 is pretty much done and off to the colorist and letterist. I will make sure to keep everyone updated on the release date, even if I hope you guys are picking up this series regularly, because it's really good. Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek of some pages.

Finally, Sea of Red #12 (cover on the left) will be on the shelves this month. I provided the layouts for Mr Paul Harmon who did an awesome job as his usual.

Click here for an exclusive look at the first pages layouts.

I am currently doing layouts for another Image book and more is in the works, but I will tell you more in the next update.

Interview on Newsarama. 7/18/06
For those who missed and are interested in it, Newsarama (thanks to the good friend Aaron Weisbrod ) put up an interview with me while I was in San Diego. Feel free to check it out if you want to know more about current and future projects.
Click here or on the icon on the left for the interview.

Convention News! 7/9/06

was a blast: personally I didn't have a slow moment in all 3 days, not even on Sunday when Cons are notoriously known to be a tad slow. Actually if it wasn't for my wife, who was there helping me with the sales, I am not sure I could have handled everything (selling and sketching at the same time). Besides the "commercial" side of the show (Chiaroscuro was quite popular, along with the Black Coat books and my convention sketches), the fun was to meet so many fans and friends. There is much more to tell about the whole 3 day show, but I have some pages to finish so I am ending this quick report with a big thanks to my lovely wife Lisa, and to the friends and fans who helped to make this a wonderful experience

Next: SDCC. Yes, I will be attending the San Diego Con thanks to my friend Senti, who kindly made available part of his booth to me and my long time friend Steven E. Gordon, designer and director of smash hits like X-Men: Evolution and Ultimate Avengers. We will all be sharing
Booth 4609, so make sure to stop by - there will be tons of goodies to satisfy everyone's appetite ;) or simply stop by and say hi - always good to know you guys :)

Comics News! 7/9/06

Ok guys, Black Coat: A call to Arms #4 is wrapped up and off to the printer for a release date at the beginning of August. Hope you all pre-ordered because it's going to be a shocking issue ;)
I started to work on my full issue of Fear Agent (#11 for Image Comics). Pages are coming along nicely and I will be sharing some sneak peek very soon, so stay tuned ;)
Fear Agent #11
Story by Rick Remender, Art by Francesco Francavilla.
N.B. The image on the left is not the cover of the book.

Click here for the pinup that inspired FA#11

June 21st: Black Coat #3 hits the shelves! 6/18/06
The third installment of the mini The Black Coat: A Call to Arms will be in your LCS on June 21st so make sure to grab a copy because (as you can see from the cover) things are getting hotter ;)
Synopsis: The Butcher is on a city wide-killing spree and Lt. Gen. Savidge is pinning the crimes on The Black Coat. Ursula has a plan to clear The Black Coat's good name, but will she become the Butcher's next victim instead?

Click here for a sneak peek of book 3

Black Coat #4 available for pre-orders now! 6/18/06
The fourth and final chapter of the mini The Black Coat: A Call to Arms is available now for pre-orders through Diamond Previews with order code JUN062855. Make sure to pre-order it at your LCS so you are not going to miss the incredible ending of this first mini!
Synopsis: The Black Coat finally uncovers the secret behind The Butcher's depraved experiments and the evil organization that's funding them. But when a trap set for the crazed killer backfires, these mortal enemies clash in a duel to the death that brings the first series to an unforgettable conclusion.

Click here for a sneak peek of book 4

Sea of Red #11 coming in June! 6/18/06
This is the first of 3 books of the acclaimed Image series from Rick Remender I did the layouts for. The 3 books are actually the last 3 chapter of Sea of Red. I already finished the layouts for issue 12 as well and currently starting #13.
Synopsis: The world is in ruins: The Sanguinan Vampires have taken over. Marco, Blackthroat and crew return to their former masters at the sect’s home in Spain in hopes of killing the man responsible. A figure from the past returns and a crewmember must die that the others survive.
Story by Rick Remender & Kieron Dwyer, Art by Francesco Francavilla & Paul Harmon.

Click here for a sneak peek to some of the layouts for Sea of Red #11

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2704 N Main St
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May 5, 2007

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AZTech Studio Press.

GARRISON #5 (of 6)
32 pg - Color - $2.99
DC Wildstorm

GARRISON #4 (of 6)
32 pg - Color - $2.99
DC Wildstorm

Green Hornet Year One #4
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KATO Origins #3
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112 pg - B/W - $12.99
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Tales of Fear Agent TPB
136 pg - Color - $14.95
Dark Horse

24SEVEN Vol.2
200 pg - Color - $19.99
Image Comics

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Detective Comics #781
pg - Color - $3.99
DC Comics

Green Hornet Year One Vol.1 The Sting Of Justice TPB
pg - Color - $19.99
Dynamite Ent.

Green Hornet Year One #8
32 pg - Color - $3.99
Dynamite Ent.

Green Hornet Year One #7
32 pg - Color - $3.99
Dynamite Ent.

KATO Origins
32 pg - Color - $3.99
Dynamite Ent.

KATO Origins
32 pg - Color - $3.99
Dynamite Ent.

Outlaw Territory
Vol.2 TP
240 pg - Color - $19.99
Image Comnics





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